Jerry Rice - April 12, 2012


Pro Football Hall of Fame Member Jerry Rice is playing in the TPC Stonebrae Championship on the Nationwide Tour and is also serving as the event’s host for the third year. He started playing golf in 1986 when his trainer brought him some clubs and some balls. Rice thought that he would immediately become good at golf but that was not the case and he has been working on his game ever since. He is excited about this week for many reasons but one of them is being around the Nationwide Tour players who are putting a lot of effort into becoming PGA TOUR members.

After last year, he knows that he needs patience on the golf course if he is going to play well. The players on the Nationwide Tour are very patient and they know exactly what to do before they even hit their shots. If he can emulate those guys, he thinks he will play well.

He was so excited to see Bubba Watson hit the shots that he hit at Augusta National and win The Masters. Rice played in a skills challenge with him once and was blown away by the creativity of his swing and his shots. If he could pick any player to be his caddie during a tournament round of golf, Rice would definitely pick Bubba Watson.

Tony Dovolani is a very good golfer and when Rice was on Dancing With The Stars, they would sneak out to go play golf. Dovolani has a very good swing and he is passionate about the game. Rice said that he and Dovolani had a lot of fun together on the course but when asked to compare his dancing ability to Dovolani’s golfing ability, Rice said that he was definitely a better dancer.  Rice joked that Dovolani reminded him of when he played golf with Jerry Rice as like Clinton, he could hit a ball out of bounds on a hole yet he would somehow end up with a par.

When asked about the bounty scandal involving the New Orleans Saints, Rice said that he was aware that defensive players were gunning for him as well as Joe Montana and Steve Young. However, the fact that certain players were aiming to injure their opponents was pretty shocking. Football is a tough sport but Rice feels that you are crossing a line when you are going onto the football field to try to end someone else’s career. The NFL has done a great job in the way they have handled this issue.

During his career, Rice said that he had some pretty hard hits from defenses but he was proud that he was able to hold on to the ball on many of those hits. He is hoping to one day guest host Morning Drive and would love Dovolani to be there as well.