Jerry West - September 21, 2011


Along with basketball, he is very involved with golf as he is the Executive Director of the Northern Trust Open. He said that he has always loved the game and joked that it was the game the devil invented. Of all professional athletes, he admires golfers the most for what they have to do under the pressure. He became involved with the Northern Trust Open when they asked him to help increase the profile of the event which would lead to more charitable donations to  the city of Los Angeles. He said that all people grow up under different circumstances as some people have supportive parents who offer guidance and some who don’t. And for those people who don’t, other people can come in and offer that guidance and wisdom which will hopefully lead those children onto the right road. Knowledge and success will foster self-confidence and that in turn will foster growth and success. Bill Russell is a great friend and he is leading this cause where leadership is so important and he as well as many other people are involved in being mentors because they want to pass their lessons on to younger generations.