Jesper Parnevik - October 25, 2012


The original plan behind the video that they produced of “Gangham Style” was to make a funny video for a couple of friends. Brenda was turning 40 and Jesper decided to get some fellow golfers and his family together to shoot the video. Jesper said that his wife went out and shot footage of his golfer friends and Jesper also admitted that it was pretty amateurish but it was a lot of fun. It took about 20 hours to edit and the video was a big hit among his friends and obviously it has been a big hit on YouTube.

Dustin Johnson, Fredrik Jacobson, Richard S. Johnson, Marc Turnesa, and Will Mackenzie are among the golfers who made cameo appearances. Parnevik said that all of his friends were good sports about the video and added that Mackenzie was especially enthusiastic. He said that he pulled his pink suit out of his closet and decided to wear it for the video.

Parnevik said that he has shot music videos and parody videos many times for his friends for their birthdays but that those videos were never meant to be seen publicly as they were not, shall we say, friendly for all audiences. In fact, the only reason that this video was made public was because his kids wanted to post it and before they did, Parnevik said that he edited the video to make it more friendly for all audiences. Also, Mark Calcavecchia, Steve Marino, Rickie Fowler, and Camilo Villegas were originally supposed to be in the video as well but due to their schedules they were unable to be involved.