Jim Brown - September 13, 2012


Pro Football Hall of Fame Member Jim Brown played in Bill Russell’s MENTOR’s Champions Golf Challenge and he sat down with Golf Channel Reporter Win McMurry. Because his life is ongoing, he cannot at this point say what his proudest accomplishment is as he is still trying to contribute and help the lives of other people. In his mind, he has so many things in life that he has yet to accomplish.

He has been fortunate to have a number of mentors in his life but his biggest mentor was Ed Walsh who was his coach in high school. Walsh saved his life and led him in the right direction in life.

Bill Russell is a great friend of his and he is a man who makes his decisions carefully. Russell made a great decision to conduct this golf tournament and he is honored that he was asked to be a part of this event. Brown said that he doubts he would be where he is in life today with Bill Russell.