Jim Brown - September 19, 2011


Jim Brown is a legendary athlete in multiple sports and is at Friar’s Head as part of the Mentor’s Champions Golf Challenge. Mentoring is the most direct way to impact kids across the country and it is a misconception to think that mentoring is there only to help inner city kids. In truth, this organization is here to help all kids and it gives him and others a chance to pass on the wisdom and advice that they received from their own mentors. His mentors were the ones who discovered his athletic ability as well as his desire to learn and those individuals made sure that he not only focused on the field but also on the classrooms and as a result he has been able to make an impact in both places. The impact of money and the resulting greed in places such as the NCAA truly disturbs him and the fact that money has so corrupted the NCAA to where the learning experience for these kids has been compromised means that the NCAA system needs to be torn down and rebuilt. You have to have a certain personality to look for the values that will help guide others and Jim said that he is a man before he is an athlete or a celebrity. He hopes that Tiger will be able to come out of what he is going through to live up to the potential that he has and that he has seen when Tiger’s father Earl was alive. He has been successful in his life because other people came together to help him become a success. He admitted that at 75 years old there are not too many pockets that he can get into and he focuses on his short game as he can no longer keep up in the long game. At 75 he is just happy to be there and able to help people. He does not even think about comparing himself to the players of today as he feels he did what he did with the competition that he had at that time and does not need to prove his accomplishments from his younger days to anyone. The validation is unnecessary. Today he is hanging his hat on his ability to reach young people and teach them how to be successful people in life.