Jimmy Roberts - May 14, 2012


Roberts interviewed after he won THE PLAYERS for Golf Channel on NBC on Sunday. After first saying that Kuchar is much taller than he is, Roberts noted that Matt seems comfortable in the big moments and that in his experience, the most successful players are the ones who embrace and enjoy being under pressure. Matt’s father Peter Kuchar confirmed that Matt is someone who enjoys the heat of competition.

The Kevin Na story involving his pre-shot routine completely overwhelmed THE PLAYERS this year and the fact that Na was able to play as well as he did was very, very impressive. Na showed a lot of personal strength in his ability to acknowledge that he has issues with his pre-shot routine to his fellow competitors and the media. Roberts was particularly impressed by the fact that he could have his issues and then hit great shots within the same minute. Na began to unravel a bit during the final round just as Kuchar began to play well and everyone seemed to know that Na would be unable to bounce back and they were right as he shot 76 to finish T7.