Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. - February 23, 2012


Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. is the CEO of The First Tee and earlier this week, a new media partnership was announced between The First Tee and Golf Channel. The partnership is an extraordinary opportunity to share with all of Golf Channel’s viewers the work that The First Tee does to not only teach the game of golf but also improve the lives of millions of children all over the country. In their 14 years of existence, they have reached over 4.7 million kids.

The key to the success of The First Tee is providing access to golf to kids who would not normally have that access. That access allows The First Tee to introduce the game of golf in a very friendly and affordable environment and then those kids move on in their learning of the game. Many elementary schools across the country are teaching golf in conjunction with The First Tee.

The First Tee has an ambitious goal of reaching an additional 10 million kids to further the successful work that they have already done to improve the lives of so many people through the game of golf. So many people who have been involved with The First Tee have gone on to wonderful things in their own individual lives and The First Tee wants to help as many people as possible.