Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. - October 12, 2012


Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. is the CEO of The First Tee. Golf Channel is also the media partner for The First Tee. This week, The First Tee announced that they had surpassed their goal of raising $100 million to help reach 10 million new young people. The reason for setting the goal of $100 million was that they felt that that would be the amount needed to be able to reach that many new young people. The First Tee will continue to accept pledges towards the goal of reaching 10 million new young people until the end of the year.

When asked what he is most proud of in relation to The First Tee, Barrow said that he is proudest of the fact that they are able to use golf as a platform to teach young people great values for life. Through The First Tee, millions of young people are not only becoming great golfers but also great people.

Barrow was in attendance at the re-enactment of The Match at Cypress Point earlier this week and it was truly a special experience. Cypress Point is one of the most amazing places in the world and it was very special to be able to walk 10 feet behind these great players and being able to not only watch them but also talk to them.