Joe Montana - September 16, 2011


Joe Montana, in reaction to the news that over 107 million people watched week one football, said that it has taken a while for people to figure this out, but the NFL has always been a beast when it comes to popularity and ratings and the NFL figured it out that by playing one game per week for 17 weeks per year, they can build anticipation among fans while baseball has 162 games and with so many games, some will inevitably fall away.

Peyton Manning’s injury is a huge deal for the Colts but he is getting up in age for quarterbacks and football players in general. Players get injured and it is only surprising because Manning had been such an iron man. The reaction by the Colts seems to suggest that they were not prepared for an injury of any kind and had no plan of succession which is a bit embarrassing to the team.

Among current quarterbacks, he mentioned players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees as veterans who really impress him but he is also impressed by young players like Detroit’s Matthew Stafford and Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman.

Notre Dame is a harder sell today than it was back when he played for the Fighting Irish and Notre Dame was “the force.” The aura and mystique of South Bend still exists but it is not as strong because the NFL is drafting players from all kinds of schools whereas in his day, the NFL was drafting players for the most part from a short list of colleges.

He plays a little more golf today than he did years ago but whereas at one time his handicap was 12-14, it is now 16-18 so he is getting strokes from his friends on the course.