John Cook - December 3, 2012


The father-son relationship in the game of golf is one of the greatest things about the game of golf. Being able to play in the same group as his Dad and his friends early in the morning was one of the greatest experiences of his life as he got to spend quality time with his father and also learn a lot about what it takes to being an adult and how to act as an adult. When he plays golf with his son, he thinks back to the memories he has of playing with his Dad and golf is truly one of those things that you can enjoy for your entire life.

The PNC Father/Son Challenge is a great way to show the strength of the game within a family whether it is father and son, father and daughter, or grandfather and grandson. The quality of the golf will not matter because the tournament is a unique opportunity to see the greatest players in the history of the game of golf interact with each other and with their families.

When asked about the proposed anchoring ban announced by the USGA and R&A and its potential impact on the Champions Tour, Cook said that all players have had to deal with disadvantages of some sort in the game of golf and professional golfers have always found ways to get beyond those issues so on a personal level, he is supportive of the potential ban. However, in terms of the Champions Tour, he understands that the anchoring stroke has kept numerous players competing and he wants those players to continue to compete as they will bring fans to the tournaments and eyes to the TV broadcasts. With all of the issues impacting the game of golf, he wonders why the governing bodies have decided to tackle this issue at this time.

The Champions Tour is looking at how they can keep growing and how they can maintain a high level of interest among fans. In pursuing those goals, they do not necessarily look at the interests of individual players but instead they look at the interest of the Champions Tour as a whole. He has yet to speak to the board members of the Champions Tour and while he is not sure which way they will go, he said that he feels it is likely that the Champions Tour will follow the PGA TOUR in their decision.