John Elway - July 27, 2012


Pro Football Hall of Fame Member John Elway played in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe recently and sat down with Golf Channel Contributor Annika Sorenstam. His father was the most influential person in his life growing up and the fact that he was a football coach was very important to his development as both a person and as a football player.

It is difficult for any athlete to leave a sport that they love but in his last year with the Denver Broncos he noticed that it was taking much longer to recover from injuries as his body was aging and beginning to break down. He spent so much time injured that he began to lose his enthusiasm for playing professionally. After the Broncos won a second straight Super Bowl, he knew that it was time to move on.

He has had a couple of runner-up finishes but he has never won the American Century Championship in 23 appearances. He loves the competition and he always puts pressure on himself to win and that pressure may be what has kept him from winning this event. Elway added that he is a bit of a late bloomer as it took him a long time to earn his first Super Bowl so he is optimistic that he will one day win the American Century Championship.