John Feinstein - April 12, 2012


When asked about transparency when it comes to disciplining players, he said that the PGA TOUR is a business and not a family. The way you treat issues behind closed doors as a family is handled differently from a business. Tiger Woods’ behavior on the course has not improved at all since he turned pro in 1996 and one of the reasons in his opinion is that information on when he has been fined has not been made public. If fines were made public, sponsors would eventually take issue with the bad behavior. Keeping the issues secret suggest that the behavior is worse than it actually may be.

There are perks and responsibilities when you are one of the top players but one of the responsibilities is having to conduct yourself in a good manner not just because it is the right thing to do, but because you have to since you are on TV all the time and you are one of the images of your tour.

Other networks have publicized the suspensions of on-air personnel because they conduct their business in public. Feinstein feels that since the PGA TOUR conducts its business in public, they should be more transparent with their disciplinary actions.

The number of people who are disciplined in any organization tend to be a very small group and when someone is suspended, people tend to find out about it. Sometimes players get fined for revealing publicly that they have been fined. He feels that Tim Finchem’s intentions are good but the lack of transparency creates issues that do not have to exist.