John Feinstein - April 20, 2012


National Golf Day was held this week in Washington, D.C. and Feinstein said that he would encourage the organizations behind National Golf Day to create incentive for more golfers to go out to the course on that day to show support for the game. The incentive can involve prizes or simply more press attention but there should be incentive.

When asked about Sean Foley’s comments asking the media to stop criticizing Tiger Woods, Feinstein said that Tiger is the biggest name in golf and also the most polarizing. For the most part, Tiger is only criticized when he behaves badly on the golf course like he did when he kicked his golf club at Augusta National. Because of his status, his golf swing is certainly dissected but Tiger is not overly criticized for his swing.

Many international players like going to Houston to play the week before The Masters because of the scheduling although the course conditions are certainly nice. No matter where the event before The Masters is scheduled, the field will be good or at least better because of the scheduling.

You cannot blame big name players for going overseas to accept large checks to play in tournaments that are not on the PGA TOUR. With the addition of FedExCup events in the fall starting in 2013 you will see more players participating in tournaments in the fall but as a result, the events on the West Coast in January and February will likely suffer because at some point these players have to take a break. If he were the tournament director of a West Coast event, he would not be happy about the schedule changes.