John Feinstein - April 26, 2012


Earlier this week, the head of the R&A expressed his support of making punishments public. Feinstein said that his best argument in favor of this would be for the purpose of deterring future bad behavior among the offenders as well as other non-offending players.

The tedious and mundane punishments will not make headlines but if a player repeatedly engages in bad behavior, it becomes a story and the best way to prevent this behavior from continuing is to publicize it and open the behavior up to negative reaction from fans and media members alike.

The PGA TOUR refused to comment if Rory Sabbatini had been suspended for two months for behavior and as a result, it was an issue for weeks. If the PGA TOUR had made a statement about this, the story would not have lived for one week much less several weeks.

Ben Curtis won the 2003 Open Championship and while he has won a few times and played well, his career has had some negatives over the last 9 years as so much changed. The advice Ben would give to Bubba is that he has to keep his life as normal as possible because if he allows the increased responsibilities  to change his life too much, it can really have a negative impact on his career as well as other areas of his life.