John Feinstein - December 1, 2011


Feinstein is the author of a new book called “One on One” and it will be released on December 5th. It is the 25th anniversary of “Season on the Brink” and he wanted to write a professional autobiography reflecting on some of the famous and not so famous people who he has had the chance to interview over the years. It was a journey into his past that brought back a lot of memories and allowed him to remember and retell stories about some of the experiences he has had in his professional life as a writer.

Reflecting on Jim Valvano if he had not died too soon from cancer, John first mentioned the creation of the V Foundation just before he died and which has sent done great work for trying to beat cancer with the help of people like Coach K and ESPN. Valvano could have done a lot more great things if not for being stricken by cancer.

He has never seen anything like the varied drama that can be found over one week in Q-School and he remembered when he wrote “A Good Walk Spoiled” where he saw numerous moments where players narrowly make or narrowly miss the PGA TOUR and he feels as though he is almost as heartbroken as they are. It is amazing to him that there are four Major Champions this year who are trying to get their PGA TOUR cards back. He knows that if David Duval fails to get his card, he will have to rely on Sponsor’s Exemptions and he feels uncomfortable having to rely on the kindness of others. Duval has five kids now and if he does not make it back to the PGA TOUR, John wonders if we will see a lot of Duval on the PGA TOUR.