John Feinstein - December 8, 2011


He feels that Tiger Woods without question is the most talented golfer he has ever seen and that includes Jack Nicklaus. When Tiger was at his peak, he won events by margins that had almost never been seen before and other players who considered themselves great at what they did were amazed that Tiger was just  that much better than them. Rory is a talented player but Tiger has 14 Major Championship wins.

In comparing the potential European and U.S. Ryder Cup teams for 2012, John had a bit of trouble finding an answer because he thinks that so many players at Medinah will be young players who are unproven in that arena. He feels that Europe at this time may have a few more established players at or near their peak performance but that is not to say that the U.S. is not good as well.

He feels that the journey of Stephen Gangluff is one of his favorite stories of Q-School. John first encountered him in 2005 at First Stage where he did not come close to advancing after having played full-time on the PGA TOUR in 2002. Gangluff spent a bit of time working for a golf club and has had a long road back. It is great to see him finish runner-up and make it back.

He thinks that the OWGR should be tweaked and modified to where Majors are worth more, but he thinks that the people who run the BCS should be in jail for what they are doing to college football. There is only one sport in the world where you can go undefeated and not be allowed to play for the National Championship and that is Division I college football. You can have an undefeated  season but not have a chance because you are not a member of the right conference. It is all about money, power, influence, and which conference you are a part of.