John Feinstein - July 26, 2012


When watching the final round of The Open Championship, he did not sense much trouble for Adam Scott on the 15th hole because he still had a big lead. When Scott missed the short putt at 16, Feinstein began to sense that something might be wrong and something big could happen. But when Ernie Els birdied 18, he thought that Adam Scott was in serious trouble and he immediately began to doubt that there would be a playoff.

When you are behind in a Major Championship, players tend to be a bit looser because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Ernie Els has had enough experience in this environment to know what Major Championship pressure is all about and he must have known that if he could apply a little more pressure on Adam Scott, he may have a chance to win. When he saw Adam Scott hit a 3-wood at 18, Feinstein was curious as to why Steve Williams did not try to talk Adam out of hitting that club and it seemed as though Steve had stopped talking to his player during the closing stretch of a Major Championship.