John Feinstein - June 28, 2012


John Feinstein is a Washington, D.C. resident and while he was very excited that the AT&T National was going to be held at Congressional starting in 2007 with Tiger Woods’ name on the event, he feels that it has been a disappointment for the D.C. area. The reasons for that disappointment include the fact that the event went to Philadelphia for two years, the fact that Tiger has been injured and has struggled, and the fact that the fields have not been as strong as other events. It is shame that the event has lost a good deal of momentum since it started in 2007.

On the question of the future of the AT&T National at Congressional, it is possible that the event will not be held there beyond 2014. The membership barely approved the extension to 2014 and while there is an option for 2015-2017, Feinstein would be surprised if the option was approved. He could see the event moving to other areas including Baltimore or Philadelphia but that would result in the AT&T National losing some luster because one of the big features of the event is being held in the nation’s capital around the 4th of July.

There is also a possibility that the event could be moved on the schedule but unfortunately there are not that many options in either the late spring or the later summer. Feinstein doubts that a schedule change can happen and thinks that it is more likely that the event keeps the date it already has and moves to a different location.

A big reason for the overhaul of the PGA TOUR season schedule as well as the qualification process was to secure a new title sponsor for the Nationwide Tour and now they have. Another reason was because a number of sponsors did not want to hold events that did not have FedExCup status and now that has also changed as of this week. Unfortunately, the PGA TOUR loses what the Q-School used to be and after 2012 there will no longer be great stories like John Huh who earned his card and went on to win the next year on the PGA TOUR.