John Feinstein - March 22, 2012


“The Big Miss” continues to be a story as more excerpts have come out and John feels that if Tiger is trying to keep the conversation down about the book he is not doing a good job. While he understands the idea of hurt feelings when a private relationship ends and the desire to not air dirty laundry after the end of the relationship, he does not equate the student-teacher relationship to the legal patient-client confidential relationship. It is ironic to him that Tiger Woods and his people are raising the issue of betrayal of trust.

On the announcement of PGA TOUR changes for 2013, John said that he thinks many people will feel sad about the end of Q-School as we know it because there have been many stories like John Huh to come out of Q-School which will no longer be possible. He understands that these changes are all about the need and desire to find a new sponsor for the Nationwide Tour and maintaining good relationships with FedEx and other tournament sponsors. This decision comes down to money but that is a fact of life.

There is a little bit of truth to the idea that the new schedule will turn golf into tennis as in tennis many players started to miss regular events to play in big money exhibition events. The big problem that the PGA TOUR will potentially face with these changes is the expansion of appearance fees for players to go play in overseas events instead of playing on the PGA TOUR.

Michigan State is the most vulnerable #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament because of their opponent in Louisville. North Carolina is vulnerable as well but not as vulnerable because they are playing Ohio University in the Sweet 16 and the Tar Heels should be able to win and play their way into the Elite Eight.