John Feinstein - March 29, 2012


John Feinstein is in New Orleans this week for the Final Four and NCAA Championship game in Men’s basketball. When asked about Rick Smith’s comment that Hank Haney violated a code of confidentiality between swing coach and player, he asked if anyone had ever seen a copy of the actual code of ethics that Smith talked about. To him, codes involve lawyers, priests, and doctors and that is it. Tiger Woods has asked people to sign confidentiality agreements in the past and they made a mistake by not asking Haney to do the same thing. Tiger’s camp is upset that they made a mistake and they should not be upset about anything in the book. Their complaints are only helping to sell books.

When it comes to Masters favorites, he is a contrarian so he said that he will go with Dustin Johnson. Tiger, Rory, and Phil are the logical picks and everyone picks the logical names to win Major Championships. He doubts that many people picked Charl Schwartzel to win The Masters in 2011 and doubts that many people picked him to win on Sunday morning that year. While Dustin Johnson is not playing well in 2012, his game fits Augusta National and while he has not won a Major, he has proven that he can contend.

There is a huge amount of pressure on Kentucky to beat Louisville in their Final Four game. One of the great things about the NCAA Tournament is that the best team does not always win but he does think that Kentucky will win the NCAA Championship this year. He also noted that a lot of people did not predict that Kansas would be in the Final Four at the beginning of the season but lo and behold, here they are.