John Feinstein - March 8, 2012


Rory McIlroy is now the new World #1 and part of his big appeal has to do with the globalization of the game of golf.  People in the United States can now watch golf all over the world on Golf Channel and the media covers the game all over the world. But also, McIlroy is a very appealing person who is not arrogant and who seems like a nice person. People are very attracted to athletes like that.

Usually, if he is offered the field vs. one player, he will take the field. When it comes to The Masters, he would still lean the field over Tiger, Rory, and Phil. We all know about why they are the biggest favorites but the only time he would take Tiger over the field is when Tiger was at his peak circa 2000-2001 but it is a much closer call this year.

The timing has worked out well this year for Doral as you have Tiger and Phil in the field as well as Rory, Luke, and Lee as World #1 has changed hands. It should be a lot of fun for the world of golf although he does not feel that there should be two WGC events in three weeks.

When it comes to some NCAA Tournament predictions, Feinstein noted that Oral Roberts University has a great basketball team this year although they are not a lock for a berth in the tournament. If they are able to get in the tournament, he would not be surprised to see the team go to the Sweet 16.