John Feinstein - May 10, 2012


Golf Channel Contributor John Feinstein is in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL this week for THE PLAYERS. When asked about holding THE PLAYERS in March or May, he said that he prefers March for several reasons. The weather tends to be cooler and the crowds tend to be bigger in March. The main reason that the PGA TOUR wanted to move THE PLAYERS was that the PGA TOUR did not want their main event to be viewed as a warm-up for The Masters. By moving THE PLAYERS to May, it no longer carries that tag which the PGA TOUR views as negative.

We have been hearing Tiger talk about his swing for two years and how it is a process and that he needs more reps and after some progression in his answers to swing questions, he seems to be going back to a lot of clichés. Feinstein would like to hear Tiger make more comments about specific rounds and what he did right and wrong and what he did after the round in order to prepare for the next round.

When asked about the criteria for World Golf Hall of Fame induction, Feinstein started by saying how great it was that Peter Alliss and Dan Jenkins were inducted and that they should have been inducted years ago. Since there is no real retirement in professional golf, there needs to be a different cut-off point and he would support increasing the minimum age to 50 from 40. You can also make exceptions to the rule when it comes to Hall of Fame players who pass away before the age of 50 and Payne Stewart is a perfect example of such an exception.

On the idea of an aggregate playoff on 16, 17, and 18 at THE PLAYERS, Feinstein thinks that is fine for this tournament although we should not have them every week. Television would not like the idea for aggregate playoffs every week because they would take too long to complete. He added that he certainly does not support the idea of beginning a sudden death playoff at the 17th hole before saying that he would not be surprised to see an aggregate playoff for the 2013 edition of THE PLAYERS.

Years ago, he interviewed Andre Agassi’s agent who said that Agassi did not need the media to communicate to the public and that Agassi communicated directly to the fans through his commercials. Athletes avoid the media and instead use other methods of communication in order to control the message and as more options become available, the media will have a harder time talking to players in the future.