John Feinstein - November 17, 2011


Tiger Woods will play in Abu Dhabi instead of Torrey Pines and John feels that this is an illustration of the problem of appearance fees on the PGA TOUR. Mickelson skipped Torrey Pines for the same reason in 2011 and he thinks it is amusing that Tiger stated that he was looking forward to seeing new places. Tim Finchem needs to take a close look at this policy but Tiger owes Finchem for so many reasons and thinks that Tiger should help out the PGA TOUR a bit more. As a lifetime member, Tiger is not required to play 15 events per year on the PGA TOUR so he is not bound by a lot of things that most members are bound by.

He thinks that Tiger should write Steve Williams a thank you note because Williams is the only person that take the bad guy title away from Tiger. Williams has been able to deflect a lot of the attention that would go to Tiger away from him. As a result many people are focusing on Steve Williams instead of Tiger Woods’ performance.

Coach K at Duke has now become the winningest coach in Division I NCAA basketball history. John flashed back to 1983 when he 38-47 as coach following a big loss in the NCAA Tournament and looking back at that time, he could have never imagined that he would have the success that he has had. He had to live under the shadow of Dean Smith at UNC for so long and that makes the accomplishment even sweeter.

Joe Paterno will receive an annual pension of $500,000 and John feels that despite all that has happened and despite the mistakes that he has made, Paterno deserves the pension. He spent 61 years of his life as a Penn State football coach and has positively impacted the lives of many through his coaching and his financial contributions back to the university. While he is having much of his legacy covered up and erased because of this controversy, Paterno should be allowed to have his annual pension.