John Feinstein - November 29, 2012


When asked about the proposed anchoring ban, Feinstein said that he did not know when it is the right time to make a proposed ruling like this but having listened to Mike Davis of the USGA, he agrees with the notion that you are supposed to swing your arms when making a stroke. This ruling is being made because of the success of players like Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson, and Ernie Els while anchoring their putter and it is unfair that they will likely hear accusations of cheating because they putt that way. Casey Martin was accused of being a cheater when he had the right to use a cart so players who anchor their putters will hear those accusations as well.

This is the last Q School which will award PGA TOUR cards for the next season and every year there are stories of triumph and stories of heartache. Feinstein said that he loves the stories every year and there are so many every year. There are multiple PGA TOUR winners and two Major Champions in Shaun Micheel and Todd Hamilton who had to play their way into the final stage. And no one can overlook Erik Compton who is in the final stage this week. No one has had the physical challenges that Compton has had to deal with and Feinstein said that he is concerned about whether or not Compton will have the stamina to compete for 6 days. 2003 Masters Runner-up Len Mattiace is another great story.

The two most stirring days in golf are the final round of the Tour Championship and the final round of PGA TOUR Q-School because people are playing for their livelihoods, not just second houses and private jets. Some people who miss out on qualifying for the PGA TOUR via these events never make it back and a lot of great success stories struggle later in their careers and also fail to make it back in some cases. The 6 days of Q School may not be that great for the players, but it is great for the golf fan. The atmosphere at Q School is tense and quiet but it provides great drama for anyone watching. You actually feel like you are an interloper on these very stressful moments. By taking away this route to the PGA TOUR, you are losing these great stories as well as the good and bad moments which seem impossible until they actually happen.