John Feinstein - October 18, 2012


This is the final year of Q-School as an avenue to the PGA TOUR and Feinstein said that this is the last year that there will be great stories about players who chase and then achieve their dreams of playing on the PGA  TOUR through one great week at Q-School. We will see tears of joy and tears of sadness as we always do but we will also see a lot of people who are very sad to see this avenue go away. Feinstein has written an article on about Stephen Gangluff who is just one of hundreds of examples of great Q-School stories.

When asked about Davis Love III answering questions about the Ryder Cup even though it has already happened, Feinstein said that Love III is simply being himself by answering those questions over and over again. Love III is an incredibly polite person and he is too polite to refuse to answer questions even though they are very repetitive.

Feinstein is very surprised that only two members of Love III’s U.S. Ryder Cup team are in the field this week because only a couple of years ago, more U.S. star players showed up when it was revealed that he would be the U.S. Captain.

Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace is one of the greatest in sports history because he was viewed by so many people as an icon through his battle with cancer and his success in the Tour de France as well as the money he helped to raise for the fight against cancer. Whenever you have a public figure who reaches iconic status because of real or perceived goodness, the fall from grace because of behavior is very quick and very dramatic.