John Feinstein - September 15, 2011


Feinstein wrote on that he feels that the PGA TOUR overhypes its marquee events like THE PLAYERS, FedExCup, and the Presidents Cup. He feels that the PGA TOUR tries to hard to sell events as fifth Majors or as events bigger than Majors. He thinks that the PGA TOUR should adopt the phrase “try easier” when it comes to selling their marquee events. When you overhype and oversell events, you open yourself up to ridicule and criticism. 

Matt Kuchar has a chance to win the FedExCup without winning a tournament this year and Feinstein thinks that this could be a good thing in that it would force the PGA TOUR to enact significant and real change in the Playoff system. 

On the subject of world rankings, he repeated his earlier opinion that two runner-up finishes in Majors are worth more than a win in a regular, or non-Major, event. He supports basing the world ranking on one year and he puts the most weight on performance in the four Majors. He feels that the PGA TOUR Playoff events should be mandatory for players and if someone does not show up for a tournament, they should be eliminated from the playoffs whether they are injured or not. 

In response to Vinny Giles’ assertion that the USGA is gutless for not banning anchored putters, he said that things constantly change in all sports. If he were with the USGA or R&A, he would focus more on the golf ball rather than the putter because  the ball flies too far. He feels that Phil Mickelson making the change to an anchored putter is what elevated this debate although Keegan Bradley’s Major win helped too. 

He felt that the tiny $2,000 fine issued to Serena Williams for her behavior during the U.S. Open final is worse than the actual behavior, as horrible as it was.