John Hawkins - May 30, 2012


Fred Couples has been named the 2013 U.S. Presidents Cup and Hawkins thinks that the ship may have sailed for Couples becoming the U.S. Ryder Cup Captain. Considering the players who are approaching the age to be a Captain and the fact that he never won a PGA Championship, it seems likely that Couples will never lead a Ryder Cup team which would be a shame. He has done a great job as Presidents Cup Captain and he would do a great job with the Ryder Cup in his opinion.

Tiger Woods conducted another web conference with fans in lieu of a press conference and Hawkins thinks that while it is good that Tiger is reaching out to fans, he does not agree with the idea of using web conferences instead of press conferences. Hawkins wonders if Tiger’s team has lost their way when it comes to building relationships with the media but he does not have a problem with the web conference although he feels they should be done along with news conferences and not instead of them. Although Tiger may not understand this, conducting news conferences gives exposure to his corporate sponsors and images to TV production which are both important things.