John Hawkins - November 2, 2011


On the issue of an official event in Asia, Hawkins thinks that could happen in the future if the PGA TOUR indeed decides to realign its schedule and begin its season with Asia and a few U.S. events. However, he thinks the PGA TOUR is several years away from that as there are a lot of issues with sponsorships and other logistics plus as Jack Nicklaus has said, things are not growing in China and Asia as much as has been recently been reported. He always thought that the Fall Series would work best as a deluxe version of Q-School but it has become more than that as Tiger Woods and other notable players have participated. You cannot block progress but at the same time he thinks that the current PGA TOUR schedule is too long and lacks definition. The PGA TOUR must yield to the Ryder Cup and the NFL after the PGA Championship because that is what most people care about the most, like it or not. In his article on, Hawkins had a little fun at Rory McIlroy’s expense by saying that despite the fact that he is one heck of a kid and one heck of a talent, he seems to have a problem being able to stay out of the limelight as he is dating the #1 women’s tennis player in the world and kissing her in public and also getting into public spats with Jay Townsend and his former agent Chubby Chandler. Tiger Woods went through a similar phase after he won the 1997 Masters but he learned lessons from those times. He is very bullish on Rory in terms of his tournament performance in 2012 but he just wishes that he would do it a little more quietly next year.