John Hawkins - October 12, 2011


In reaction to Tiger’s statement that he is planning to play a full schedule in 2012, Hawkins asked what Tiger considers to be a full schedule and then added that Tiger needs to play more than just his usual 15 or 16 events per year since he constantly says that he needs reps. You have to consider his physical limitations as a 36 year old man who has taken thousands of swings and had four surgeries on his left knee. He felt that he played his most dominant golf in 2005 and 2006 where he was consistently dominant over a significant period of time.

Rickie Fowler finally earned his first professional win and he feels that the win is overhyped but then again Fowler has been overhyped by everyone all year after 2010. He has not played well in 2011 compared to last year and while the win is nice, it is being covered heavily because he has a style that attracts a lot of fans and in this case the style vs. substance issue comes into play. He does not see this win as an opening the floodgates moment like when David Duval finally won for the first time on the PGA TOUR in 1997.

In response to Ernie Els’ quote that he will keep cheating like everyone else as long as the anchored putter is legal, he thinks that Els hit the nail right on the head with that comment. It blows his mind that Mike Davis and the USGA has not only been late to  the discussion, but also that they have not made any comment about the future of the legality of the anchored putter.