John Hawkins - September 21, 2011


He feels that in the team events lately, the host teams have been the ones to give a drubbing to the visitors and if history holds, Europe will do the same this week and Europe needs a win this year in the Solheim Cup. The climate change for both the men and the women is very important in the success of the host teams. Many people are looking for the next big star in golf and Lexi Thompson is someone who moves the needle as she has gotten the attention of the New York Times, CNN, Today Show, and many big media outlets. She is mainstream and when you combine talent with looks and personality, you have a star in waiting. It would be best for all involved if the LPGA Tour got out of the way and let Lexi become a star. She had already applied for membership through the Q-School process and he is aware but not concerned that Lexi is just 16 years old as there are plenty of 25 year old players who are not mature enough to be on the LPGA Tour or the PGA TOUR. In response to the discussion about possible banning nicotine, he feels that the organizations do not need to become Chicken Littles when it comes to being concerned about the influence of substances like nicotine on competition.