John Maginnes - October 7, 2011


John Maginnes is in Texas covering the Insperity Championship. The opinions of other tour players about Tiger Woods vary wildly as some think Tiger will win Majors again and others think that Tiger will never win again. The young players seem to think they are invincible and they hope Tiger returns to his form simply because they can then go beat him. No one believes that anything is ever completely over and many hope that Tiger will come back and with the current economic situation, they need Tiger to return to form. The folks who hold the purse strings definitely want Tiger to return to form in terms of health and performance. He noticed yesterday that with all of the other sports being played, Tiger Woods was the lead story because he was playing in the Open so it is clear that he is still the biggest draw in all of golf no matter how bad he may be playing. He is excited to be able to follow Fred Couples in Houston because he knows that there are not that many chances remaining and the fact that he is so beloved in Houston makes following him a real experience. At the Insperity Championship on Thursday, they were blaring country music over the speakers while the players were practicing which displayed the laid back attitude of the Champions Tour. At this point in the year, you have to compartmentalize as many players are fighting for their jobs and they have to pick their spots where they think they have the best opportunity to be successful. He did pretty well when he played in Q-School and got through the final stage 3 out of 8 times.