Johnny Miller - December 10, 2011


Golf Channel on NBC Lead Analyst and World Golf Hall of Fame Member Johnny Miller will be a part of Golf Channel’s 7 Nights at the Academy which begins December 12th at 7PM ET. He said that he has been a bit of a swing nut ever since he was learning how to play game of golf from his father and his teachings for 7 Nights at the Academy is basically a way for him to talk about all that he has learned over the years and he is excited about this opportunity.

The difference between a talented pro and an amateur is first and foremost the face at impact. The pros are able to not only fully compress the ball but also fully turn the club so that the club head is square at impact. Most amateurs do not know how to do either of those things. When an amateur learns how to hook the ball, they can then learn how to trap the ball.

When it comes to the Worldwide Player of the Year, he agreed with Friday Morning Drive guest Nick Faldo that Rory McIlroy’s Major is being a bit undervalued. From personal experience, Miller knows how hard it is to win a Major Championship. It is close between McIlroy and Donald as both have had great years but he feels that his vote would still go to Luke Donald if he wins both Money Titles.

You know how good a golfer someone is based on their misses. When Tom Watson was at his best on the greens, he either made everything or missed on the edge. For a long time, Tiger Woods had either hit great shots or had monster misses. At the Presidents Cup as well as the Chevron World Challenge, Tiger hit a lot of great shots but his misses were not far off. In Australia, Tiger may have played as well as he has since 2001. While winning the Chevron World Challenge is like winning an exhibition, winning is winning no matter what the event is and Tiger has set himself up well for 2012. He predicts that Tiger will win four times in 2012.

He has had some great wins and some great misses in his career. While he won the 1973 U.S. Open with a final round 63, he notably had some near misses at Augusta National. In 1971, he started thinking about his father and winning when he was in his first Masters as a pro but thanks to a couple of late bogeys, he did not win and would never win The Masters while Charles Coody won the Green Jacket in 1971.

He was a junior member at the age of 13 at the Olympic Club and finished in the top 10 as a teenager there in the 1966 U.S. Open so he is very excited to see the U.S. Open return to Olympic Club in 2012. The first six holes may end up being among the toughest starts in U.S. Open history and it will be wonderful to be back at a place where he grew up and getting to cover the U.S. Open.