Jordan Spieth - November 23, 2011


Spieth is a 2-time U.S. Junior Amateur Champion, member of the 2011 U.S. Walker Cup team, and a freshman member of the University of Texas golf team. He is also the second ranked amateur in the world. He is playing in a tournament in El Paso this week but he will be back in Dallas for Thanksgiving. In his first year in college, he finds it very surprising how fast the weeks go by because of how busy he is with travelling to college tournaments and also keeping up with his studies at the University of Texas. Having grown up with a lot of the Texas golf team members, he was ready for the golf team part but he is learning a great deal about time management and he is getting the hang of it. It is a very different experience from living at home with his parents but he is enjoying it.

He went straight to college directly from the Walker Cup in Scotland so he needs a bit of a break that Thanksgiving is providing so he can catch up on sleep and spend time with his family. It will be nice to get away from competition for a week or two.

He has a few years left at the University of Texas and he has a number of goals that he wants to achieve, including being a part of a national championship-winning team. He wants to be able to say every month that he achieved the goals that he laid out for himself whether it is improving his putting or his time management. His goals are month to month, not year to year in college. But in terms of career, it is year to year because he would like to be the best player in the world and he is at Texas because he thinks that is where he can best be prepared for that responsibility and the amount of time he spends in school depends on what he can accomplish year to year.

It is very exciting to get play in professional events with the best players in the world and he considers those opportunities great learning experiences as he is watching how calm the best players can be in pressure situations. He is amazed at how relaxed they are the more intense it gets and he understands that he needs to have balance in those moments.