Julian Tutt - December 11, 2011


Julian Tutt is a European Tour Analyst and is in Dubai this week for the Dubai World Championship.  Luke Donald has obviously always had a good short game and has always been very consistent but his biggest improvement in 2011 has been his mental strength. He realizes now that he can compete week in and week out with the best players in the world in locations all around the world. Tutt would be very surprised if Donald did not win a Major very soon.

Alvaro Quiros earned his second win of 2011 in Dubai and everyone loves Quiros out on the European Tour because of his smile and the way he hits the ball a very long way. All of his power comes from his hands and arms and the method  that he uses to get distance is a little unusual and can result in inconsistency at times but he has a personality that is infectious when he is happy although he is also capable of going into dark moods when he is not playing well. His charisma is Seve-esque in a lot of ways.

Rory McIlroy played ill this week in Dubai and withdrew from next week’s event in Thailand. Rory’s former manager Chubby Chandler was not keen on his players on the PGA TOUR but Rory feels that he needs to play there if he wants to truly become a world-class figure in golf and the best player in the world. We have seen all year long that Rory has the ability to compete with the best players and he is excited to see what will happen in 2012 especially in the Majors. Fans all over the world have been flocking to Rory on the golf course and the fact that he is dating the #1 ranked female tennis player in the world doesn’t hurt either.