Justin Rose - March 13, 2012


Justin Rose earned his 4th career PGA TOUR win last week in the WGC-Cadillac Championship. Justin noted that he was not feeling well all week and maybe that fact made him more focused and he was able to go out, play well, and win.

He is looking at the Florida Swing as 16 separate rounds of golf plus the Tavistock Cup and Pro-Ams because it is a lot of golf and it is a way to pace himself during this time period. He feels he is playing well right now and he has played well in Florida in the past but he acknowledges that it is a lot of golf to play over a short period of time. He feels that this strategy will help him get through this time and play great golf as well.

This is a great time for Sean Foley. He works very hard and while he does not take too much credit when his students do well, he also does not beat himself up when his students are not playing well. Sean understands that players have to deal with many more issues than just hitting fairways and greens and he works to allow players to prepare in the best way that they know how not how Sean may want to prepare them.

It is great to playing well and trending well in the run-up to The Masters. He does not think that he is at the point in his career where he will only focus on the Majors. However, he does feel that when he turns up at a Major he will have a chance to win. During Major weeks he tries to figure the best way to maximize his strengths.

When it comes to the Major best suited for his game, Justin feels that it is The Masters. While he has had great moments at Augusta National, he has also had bad moments but he has been able to learn a lot from those mistakes. If he did not have those bad moments, he would not feel as confident about The Masters as he does. While he feels that The Masters is best suited for him, he would like to win the Open Championship most of all.