Kelly Tilghman - July 27, 2012


Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman is the MSNBC Host for the coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. She joined Friday’s edition of Morning Drive from NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Tonight is the Opening Ceremony in London and you can expect some wonderfully British themes including James Bond, William Shakespeare, and even sheep. Sir Paul McCartney will be performing during the Opening Ceremony and she is very excited to see what will happen today.

There are around 2,000 NBC personnel in London to cover various events in the Olympics and there are around 1,000 NBC personnel in New York who are dedicated to coverage of the Olympics. Everything about this is very exciting and it is remarkable to see the depth of the resources involved in the coverage.

This will be first “social media Olympics” and many athletes who are competing for gold medals are tweeting very often while they are preparing for competition. Also, any NBC personalities who are involved with social media like Twitter and Facebook are utilizing those social networks throughout the Olympics.