Kelly Villarreal - June 26, 2012


Kelly Villarreal is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. She made the decision to turn pro in order to participate on the show and it was an easy decision to make. She is 29 years old so she felt she was more than ready and she also felt she had missed out on the chance to turn pro after college. Now that she is a pro, she is trying to pick up sponsors and plans to play Q-School later this year to try to earn either a Symetra Tour card or hopefully an LPGA Tour card for the 2013 season.

When you are leading in points, your confidence is at such a high level but it plummeted as she began to lose points. When she was not leading, she could not practice and she learned how to deal with negative situations when she was on the show because unlike college golf, she was unable to immediately try to rectify the situation through practice.

The cast members on Big Break Atlantis ranged in age from 19 to 32 and Kelly felt that the younger cast members were able to learn from the older cast members especially in terms of life experience. Also, this cast did not have as much drama as other casts have had in the past and for the most part everyone got along very well. She is participating in a live chat on at Noon ET today and tonight at 8:30PM ET, she is appearing on Big Break Academy with Michael Breed and she said she had an incredible time participating in the show and she was able to learn a lot from Michael as well.