Ken Duke - November 1, 2011


Duke was 36th on the Nationwide Tour Money List entering the week and was in good shape when he played the third round on Saturday in difficult conditions yet still shot 70. He felt that he struck the ball very well in the wind but the hardest part was the par putts from 3 or 4 feet. His teacher Bob Toski encouraged him for Sunday by saying that he was keeping the ball down in the wind better than anyone and if he continued to do that, he would win by a mile. You have to be patient whether you are on the PGA TOUR or Nationwide Tour and he knows this from 18 years of experience. On Sunday, he did not even think about the possibility of winning until the 8th hole. The key to success is staying patient and remaining in the moment. It is harder to get to the PGA TOUR for the first time than it is to get back to the PGA TOUR. Once you have a taste of the PGA TOUR, it is easier in his opinion to get back there. He has been trying to put fun back into his game all during this year. On whether it is harder to finish top 25 on the Nationwide Tour or top 125 on the PGA TOUR, Duke said that it was harder to finish in the top 25 without question. He is really looking forward to seeing all of his friends at the PGA TOUR as well as at the TV networks again when he returns to the PGA TOUR in 2012. It is a tight-knit family on the PGA TOUR and he wants to get back to that atmosphere. The next couple of months will be much easier knowing that he has PGA TOUR membership and he plans to spend some time fishing and being with his family. After winning on Sunday, he returned to his condo with his caddie and talked about the year. It was very tough on his caddie as he had to leave Duke’s bag for about 6 weeks to tend to his mother who is battling cancer. To get a win for his caddie at the end of the year was very special.