Kerri Walsh - July 25, 2012


Kerri Walsh is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in Beach Volleyball and will be competing again this year in the 2012 Olympic Games. It is very exciting to be competing for a third straight gold medal this year and this year is very different from Beijing in 2008 in many ways. The atmosphere in London is very exciting and it is great to watch all of the athletes get into competitive mode in the Olympic Village.

Beach Volleyball will be held on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and it is definitely royal ground as there are a lot of security officers and other royal personnel all around the competition area. She hopes that some members of the Royal Family will stop by to watch but above everything else, it is very special to be competing for Olympic gold in a place that is so iconic around the world.

She is a huge basketball fan and living in Los Angeles, she is definitely a big basketball fan and would love to meet all of the members of Team USA to wish them well and hopefully some of their enthusiasm and winning ability will rub off on the U.S. Beach Volleyball team.

The Opening Ceremony is an incredibly special experience as you are walking along as an American with all of your fellow athletes who are in London for the Olympic Games. You look at the American flag a bit differently and it is very humbling whenever you have the chance to represent your country.

When it comes to participation in beach volleyball over the last four years, it has definitely grown and people are getting more involved and more enthusiastic. One of the tangible effects of the success of the U.S. in beach volleyball is the fact that she is on the box of Corn Flakes during the 2012 Olympic Games.