Kevin McPherson - October 25, 2011


Kevin McPherson is the head coach of the Augusta State University Men’s Golf Team who is the 2-time Defending NCAA Champion. In his opinion, the story of winning two National Championships is absolutely one of the best storybook scenarios possible and could definitely inspire a book and/or a movie. Augusta State is Division I in golf only and has an enrollment of 7,000 students so to have this school win two straight National titles is just incredible. The players wear their Augusta State gear with pride and wear the logo as the 2-time National Champions. There are a few aspects of the story that many people do not know about and in general, the idea that a school that is mostly Division II in athletics can win two straight titles in Division I is unreal and he still has to pinch himself sometimes. The equipment has radically altered the game of golf to the point where 300 yards is now just an average drive for many of the collegiate players. Along with better training and fitness, all of these changes have produced young players who can regularly compete with the best professional players in the world. While Patrick Reed is the best player he has ever had the chance to coach, Rickie Fowler is the best player he has ever seen playing on the collegiate level. He feels that in 2012, just making the NCAA Division I Championship will be a victory for the Augusta State Jaguars but he is excited about the team this year and what they can accomplish.