Kristen Red-Horse - March 7, 2012


Kristen is a former First Tee student from Sacramento, California who is now an Associate Producer for ABC News in New York City. Golf Channel is the proud media partner for The First Tee. She started with The First Tee when she was 14 years old. Her grandmother had retired and had received a gift certificate for golf lessons. She went along with her and the instructor happened to be with The First Tee and Kristen went on to join The First Tee soon after the first lesson.

When she first started with The First Tee, she was very shy and did not want to volunteer with a lot of things. Over the years, she became much more confident through her involvement and went on to mentor a number of younger kids in the First Tee program. All of those experiences have been very rewarding.

She would not say that golf was not an option for her growing up, but it was not something that she considered an option. Getting involved in golf helped her to grow and through the teachings of The First Tee she learned many more lessons which she has helped her to grow more and then be able to help others.

She really enjoys being behind the camera at ABC News as an Associate Producer and while she has learned not to say no to any opportunity, she does not see herself as someone who would be on the air in television (much to Kelly Tilghman’s relief!). Now that she lives in New York, she volunteers with The First Tee in the Metropolitan New York area and she really enjoys her role as a mentor.