Kristi Albers - June 13, 2012


Former LPGA Tour player Kristi Albers is the Executive Director of The First Tee of Greater El Paso (Texas). The rewarding aspects of her position with The First Tee are too numerous to count as she greatly enjoys working with all of the kids and watching them grow and develop.

She was first approached about becoming the head of a First Tee chapter in El Paso while she was still playing and at first, she was not interested in the position. When she began to struggle on the LPGA Tour, she became more interested in the idea of becoming the leader of this organization in El Paso and she feels that she made a great decision by accepting the offer.

Her favorite core value of The First Tee is perseverance because she has had to do that her entire life and her entire career. She also noted that she has to persevere in her job as Executive Director because it takes a lot of effort just to keep the First Tee chapter alive and strong. Kids can sign up for The First Tee on their website and that is also where they can find more information about location and schedule of events.

It is amazing to see how one player can have an impact on an entire nation. Shanshan Feng has the potential to take golf to a whole new level in China just as Se Ri Pak took golf to a whole new level in South Korea when she won two Majors including the U.S. Women’s Open in 1998.

When it comes to future goals for The First Tee in Greater El Paso, Albers said that she wants to grow the program by associating it with as many schools as possible in the area. If they are able to get The First Tee into elementary schools in the Greater El Paso area, they will be able to reach thousands more kids. For more information on this chapter, go to