Larry Nelson - October 11, 2012


World Golf Hall of Fame Member Larry Nelson will be playing in the PNC Father/Son Challenge this December in Orlando, FL with his son Josh. He has won this event with two of his sons and Nelson said it is one of the most fun things that he gets to do in golf and the pressure of wanting to win with your son is a great feeling.

Since he has two sons, he has had to figure out a system between his sons Drew and Josh. He played with Drew a lot in the early years of the tournament but as Josh became older, Larry decided that his two boys would alternate no matter what happened the year before.

When you are younger, the physical and mental aspects of the game are very closely tied together in that if you are playing well, you are thinking well. As you get older, you have to make more of an effort to make sure that you are both playing well and thinking well. At his age, his mind is always sharp but sometimes his body is not and there are times in tournaments where his age shows.

After he told the story on Morning Drive about how he did not receive the job of U.S. Ryder Cup Captain, Nelson has received a lot of messages and well wishes from people and it is a very heartwarming feeling to receive such a positive response. Whether or not he gets to lead the U.S. team in 2014, he is very flattered that people appreciate him and if he were asked to lead the team, he would say yes and added that he would be able to devote a great deal of time to the role. No matter how old you are, your sense of competitiveness never changes and he feels that he would do a great job.

No one at  the PGA of America has refuted his story of how Nelson deferred his promised Captaincy to Lanny Wadkins in 1995 because the story cannot be refuted. It really happened and you can ask Lanny about that. Lanny was named Captain for the 1995 team and he expected to be named Captain for the 1997 team. However, when Tom Kite was named Captain of the 1997 team, he was in Japan and he was not contacted by the PGA of America neither before nor after the announcement.