Liam Friedman - October 10, 2012


Liam Friedman is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Greenbrier. Looking back at his experience on Big Break Greenbrier and how he left the show, Friedman remembers going from the high of hitting a great shot from the trees in the elimination challenge to missing the short birdie putt and then ending up losing.

All Big Break contestants talk about how the pressure of the show is different from a tournament and they are absolutely right. The more you put yourself in those pressure situations, the stronger you become and he felt he became a stronger player although he feels and wishes that he could have done better on the show.

He has never before had the experience of having a fellow competitor directly challenge you to a head-to-head match. He is used to accepting the draw as it happens but the idea of having someone pick you as a challenger is very different.

As an assistant pro, he has been constantly approached by people asking him about the experience and asking him to reveal how far he advanced in the show. His stock answer would always be to tell people to watch Big Break Greenbrier to find out.