Luke Donald - May 29, 2012


Luke Donald successfully defended his title on Sunday in the BMW PGA Championship and with that win, he returned to #1 in the Official World Golf Ranking. Donald said that it felt very special to win an event that means so much to him being a member of European Tour and being from England. It felt so good to start the final round at Wentworth with the lead and be able to successfully defend a title for the first time in his career.

Returning to World #1 is a very satisfying feeling because he knows that his best is good enough to be the best in the world. Rory McIlroy has not played well recently so it has given him the opportunity to take the World #1 spot back. Having the opportunity to get the top spot back has certainly given him extra motivation.

Being World #1 comes with many additional responsibilities and he is proud of the fact that he has been able to continue winning and playing well on a consistent basis despite all of the additional things that have entered his life since taking the top spot in the world.

He feels that there have been times when he has put too much pressure on himself when it comes to winning his first Major Championship. It is certainly something that he wants to do and he feels that the best thing he can do to prepare for Majors is to stay calm and in essence be yourself on the course by sticking to what has made you successful in the first place.

After getting off to a slow start in 2012, Donald feels that the difference between earlier in the year and now has been an improved short game. Early in the year he was focused on improving his full swing at the expense of his short game but recently he has been able to focus on his short game again and with that his overall performance has improved significantly.

Being a father has given him more balance in his life and as a result, he feels that his practice sessions have become more efficient because he wants to make sure that he spends a lot of time with his wife and children. Being more efficient has made him better at practice and in turn he feels that has made him a better player in competition.