Luke Elvy - May 24, 2012


Network 10 Australia Reporter Luke Elvy appeared on Morning Drive to give an update on Jarrod Lyle and his treatment for leukemia in Australia. Lyle was diagnosed with leukemia for a second time a few months ago but he told Elvy that he is indeed in remission at this stage of treatment and will be able to begin the bone marrow transplant process on June 1st. Lyle had told Elvy that he was hopeful that this would happen and then his wife confirmed this.

Lyle as well as all of his friends and family are touched to see so many players wearing Leuk the Duck pins to raise awareness for the fight against leukemia. He was blown away to see players like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler wearing the pin on the weeks that they won on the PGA TOUR recently. It has been a difficult fight so far but it is so wonderful to get great news like this. For more information, go to