Luke List - May 1, 2012


Luke List earned his first career Nationwide Tour win last week in the South Georgia Classic. Two weeks ago, he missed the cut and it is just a sign of how crazy the game of golf is that he can go out and win two weeks later. He has worked very hard on his improving his driving and he drove the ball very well last week on a very long course.

You have to be very patient out on tour if you are going to succeed. He has been a professional golfer for a number of years but he only recently figured out that if you are good to yourself you tend to play better. He has been trying to find ways to enjoy himself on the course and when he is able to enjoy himself, he is more relaxed and he tends to play better.

The higher you can get on the Nationwide Tour Money List the easier it will be to set your schedule next year on the PGA TOUR and it feels great to be 2nd on the Money List right now but obviously he is hopeful that he can finish at the top this year.