Mallory Blackwelder - November 16, 2011


Blackwelder is the daughter of 1980 LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year Myra Blackwelder and her father Worth caddies for Juli Inkster. The best part of the Big Break experience for her was being part of something special with 11 other people that is unlike anything that they had ever done before. When playing Andy in an elimination challenge, she objected to Andy’s complement that she had hit a good shot. She said that it is a long, tiring process filming the show and at a certain point you become very stressed and frustrated and at that moment she was particularly frustrated at Andy and that is why she made the comment that she did.

She was out on the LPGA Tour before she was even born and grew up out on tour. She does not remember much beyond some home movies but she does remember what it was like to travel all over the country in a motor home while her mom played and her dad caddied. She feels that she developed more confidence from Big Break than she did from playing on the LPGA Tour because on the show she was put into make or break scenarios many times and had to perform on cue.