Marcela Leon - March 28, 2012


Marcela Leon is a professional golfer on the Symetra Tour who is a cast member of Big Break Atlantis. She has been a professional golfer for over a decade and golf has been her passion since she was 8 years old. While it can be frustrating at times, she would not change a thing and she has thoroughly enjoyed her journey as a professional golfer and is excited about the future.

She turned pro in 2002 and joined the Symetra Tour in 2003. The tour has gotten better and better over  the years especially since the LPGA Tour became involved. When she started it was hard simply because the tour was not well known and there was not a lot of corporate support. She travelled all over the country like many other pros who are passionate about their dreams to be successful on a professional level.

There is more pressure on Big Break than there is on the golf course because on the Big Break you know who the dominant players are and you have to perform on demand under a great deal of pressure. Everyone on the show is very talented and it will be exciting to watch what happens. In short, the show consists of 12 women who are passionate competitors and she promises that it will be a lot of fun to watch.