Marcela Leon & Selanee Henderson - July 24, 2012


The finale of Big Break Atlantis aired on Monday night and Marcela Leon won by defeating Selanee Henderson 5&4 in the Championship Match. Henderson felt satisfied in her performance on Big Break Atlantis although she was disappointed that she did not win the Championship Match. Early in the season, she told herself that she would make it to the final and she worked as hard as she could to get there.

After winning Big Break Atlantis, there was a long period between the end of the competition and the broadcast of the final episode. Fortunately she knows how to keep a secret but the victory has had time to set in. She performed as well as she had ever performed during Big Break Atlantis and it is very satisfying to finish as the Champion.

Leon said that she met Henderson on the Symetra Tour and she had watched Selanee grow as a player both on the Symetra Tour and on Big Break Atlantis. She was very proud of how Selanee performed during the show and even told her how impressed she was. It was a very special experience for both Marcela and Selanee and Selanee said that she was planning to give her trip for two to Atlantis The Palm in Dubai to her instructor and his wife because her instructor has been kind enough over the years to never charge her.